Paper Machine

Leizhan supply various kinds of waste paper recycle machine: Kraft/Testliner Paper Machine,...

Pulper Equipment

Leizhan pulper equipment is mainly about D Type Hydrapulper, Drum Pulper,...

Screening Equipment

Paper pulp screening equipment are used for coarse&fine screening various recycled pulp...

Conveyor & Agitator

Chain Conveyor, Agitator, Pulp Pump, etc. work with other pulper machine in paper making...


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    Small Scale Paper Mill Copy Paper Making Machine

    We provide small copy paper machines to produce office paper used in ordinary offices, government agencies, and various companies. We provide customers with different solutions according to raw materials, grammage and production capacity.

  • Duplex Board Paper Machine And Production Line

    Duplex cardboard machine can communicate machine details according to customer requirements, improve the appearance performance and strength of paper and cardboard, the main thing is to improve waterproof, moisture-proof, oil resistance and other properties.

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