Paper Machine

Leizhan supply various kinds of waste paper recycle machine: Kraft/Testliner Paper Machine,...

Pulper Equipment

Leizhan pulper equipment is mainly about D Type Hydrapulper, Drum Pulper,...

Screening Equipment

Paper pulp screening equipment are used for coarse&fine screening various recycled pulp...

Conveyor & Agitator

Chain Conveyor, Agitator, Pulp Pump, etc. work with other pulper machine in paper making...


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  • Corrugated Paper Production Line

    One of the key strengths of Leizhan’s corrugated paper production line is its versatility and adaptability. Whether producing single, double, or triple-wall corrugated paper, the production line can be customized to meet diverse customer needs. With adjustable settings and flexible configurations, it can accommodate various paper grades, sizes, and specifications.

  • Waste Paper Pulping Machine Chain Conveyor

    With the ability to handle a wide range of paper grades and sizes, Leizhan’s chain conveyor ensures flexibility and versatility in recycling operations. By automating the transportation of waste paper materials, the chain conveyor eliminates manual handling and reduces labor costs. Its robust design ensures smooth and reliable operation, even in high-volume recycling facilities.

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