Paper Machine

Leizhan supply various kinds of waste paper recycle machine: Kraft/Testliner Paper Machine,...

Pulper Equipment

Leizhan pulper equipment is mainly about D Type Hydrapulper, Drum Pulper,...

Screening Equipment

Paper pulp screening equipment are used for coarse&fine screening various recycled pulp...

Conveyor & Agitator

Chain Conveyor, Agitator, Pulp Pump, etc. work with other pulper machine in paper making...


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  • Duplex Paper Board Machine Manufacturer

    With the improvement of living standards, composite paperboard is more and more widely used. Some paper mills need to add composite paperboard production lines or update production equipment to improve efficiency, and Leizhan can provide complete production lines.

  • Manufacturer Of Cone Wear-resistant High Density Cleaner

    The high density impurity cleaner the balance water pressure at the bottom is slightly greater than the slurry pressure, so that the fibers cannot enter the sediment tank, and only sand, metal particles, rubber blocks, plastics and other heavy impurities sink into the tank, reducing fiber loss.

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