Leizhan And Runze Signed A Contract For Corrugated Pulping Line

Leizhan is honored to announce that it has reached an important cooperation agreement with Zerun Biotechnology, opening a new chapter of cooperation together. This cooperation aims to provide Zerun Biotechnology with a complete set of pulping equipment to support its annual production plan of 180,000 tons of high-strength corrugated paper.

Key highlights of cooperation

1. Supply equipment: Chain conveyor, 74m³D type hydrapulper and supporting hydrapurger, drum screen, ragger, rope cutter, grapple, high density cleaner, upflow energy-saving coarse screen, energy-saving fine screen, etc.
2. Leizhan has always been committed to technological innovation and quality assurance. We will provide Zerun Biotechnology with the most advanced pulping technology to ensure high product quality and maximize production efficiency.
3. We will provide customized solutions based on the production needs of Zerun Biotechnology to ensure the perfect fit between equipment and production lines to achieve the best production results.

Leizhan and Zerun Biotechnology will work together to pursue excellence. We believe that this cooperation will open up a new situation for the development of Zerun Biotechnology, and also demonstrate Lei Zhan’s outstanding technical strength in the field of pulp manufacturing. If you are interested in our cooperation or have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Email:paperproductmachine@gmail.com

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