Signed a contract with Dr. Jin for a 200,000-ton pulping line

Leizhan is a company specializing in the research, development, manufacturing and sales of paper making machinery. We have a professional Research and development team and advanced paper making technology to provide customers with high-quality paper making machinery and professional technical support. We have always insisted on being customer-centric and providing customers with the most cost-effective products and services.

This signing has injected new energy into Dr. Jin’s development in the field of tissue manufacturing. Leizhan Technology’s complete set of pulping equipment will enable the preparation of high-quality pulp for eight high-end tissue paper machines in the two workshops of the first phase of the Xiaogan base, ensuring high-efficiency and high-standard production. In addition to equipment supply, Leizhan also provides a series of after-sales services such as equipment installation and commissioning, operation training and technical support to ensure that customers’ equipment can be put into use smoothly.

The cooperation between Leizhan and Hubei Dr. Jin jointly promotes the development of tissue paper manufacturing industry and brings new development opportunities to the paper industry.

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