Yangjia Paper’s Annual Output Of 120,000 Tons Of Pulping Project

Leizhan and Yangjia Paper officially signed a cooperation agreement today on a fireworks paper pulping project with an annual output of 120,000 tons. Leizhan has always been committed to technological innovation and the research and development of pulping equipment. In this cooperation, Leizhan will give full play to its technical advantages and promote the development of fireworks paper pulping projects.

Leizhan will provide Yangjia Paper with a complete set of pulping processing equipment such as high-efficiency hydrapulper system, JNS energy-saving coarse screen system, XZNS fine screen system, NLS low pulse inflow pressure screen system, ZNP disc thickener, etc., through technology Innovation and digital and intelligent means improve the efficiency and quality of pulp production.

The cooperation between Leizhan and Yangjia Paper is not only a technical integration, but also an exploration of win-win industry. By giving full play to their respective advantages, both parties will work together to inject new vitality into the fireworks paper pulping project and lead the future development direction of the paper industry.

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