Delivery Site Of New Pulping Machine For Xi’an Customers

Customers in Xi’an purchased Leizhan’s pulping equipment and supporting accessories on September 26, 2023. We are very grateful to our customers in Xi’an for their support. Lei Exhibition continues to strive to provide more customer-satisfying equipment.

Main Information Of The Equipment

Inflow Pressure Screen: The inflow pressure screen mainly plays a screening role in the paper making process, removing impurities, improving the purity of pulping, and producing high-quality paper.
Vibrating Screen: The vibrating screen is a screening equipment that can effectively remove a large amount of light impurities. The screening effect is very good and the cost of use is very low. It is very popular among customers.

Leizhan provides complete sets of pulping equipment and complete paper machine production lines. If you are interested in our equipment, please contact us by email.
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