Paper Pulping Equipment For 200,000Ton Paper Making, Xinjiang, China


In February, 2018, Leizhan paper pulping equipment are delivered for 200,000ton paper making, Xinjiang, China, this deliver equipment are 3500mm drum pulper,
high density cleaner and low density cleaner equipment.

Drum Pulper& High Density Cleaner& Low Density Cleaner

Drum Pulper: Continuous gentle pulping, large capacity, few-wear parts, low maintenance cost.

High Density Cleaner: Removing heavy impurities in the pulp, wear resistance, long service life.

Low Density Cleaner: For removing impurities, like gravel, scrap iron, etc. Stable deslagging and long service life.

Customer Information

Customer: Xinjiang, China

Time: February, 2018

Project: 200,000Ton Paper Making Project

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