The Delivery Site Of Pulping Equipment In Baotuo

Leizhan has been in the paper making industry for many years. Our pulping equipment has an advanced structure, produces high quality paper and is highly competitive. Baotuo customers like our equipment very much and have cooperated with us many times. We look forward to more cooperation with Baotuo customers.

Major Information Pulping Projects In Baotuo

Ordered equipment: NLS4 Inflow Pressure Screen
Delivery equipment: NLS4 Inflow Pressure Screen and supporting accessories
Delivery data: September, 03, 2023
Delivery Location: Baotou Paper Mill
Our pulping equipment is running very well at the Baotuo paper mill. We provide complete paper machine production lines of various types of pulping equipment, if you need them, please feel free to contact us by email for more information.
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