Bale Breaker Deliveried To Hongtai Paper Mill

The equipment issued for Hongtai Paper this time is high-quality Bale Breaker. The Bale Breaker occupies a very important position in the pulping process. It can clean up large impurities, such as stones, glass products, etc., and can effectively protect The subsequent pulping equipment prevents damage to the inside of the equipment. High density cleaner, mid consistency pressure screen, inflow pressure screen, double disc refiner, etc. are all our company’s best-selling pulping equipment.

Bale Breaker Deliveried To Hongtai Paper Mill Detail

Company name: Hongtai paper industry
Delivery time: April 26, 2021
Paper project: 300,000 Tons Of Packaging Paper Making Project
ordered equipment: Drt broken paper pulper, agitator, chain conveyor, bale breaker, drum pulper, high density cleaner.
Deliveried equipment: Bale breaker

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