Delivery Site Of Pulping Equipment Hebei Paper Mil

Hebei is a regular customer of Leizhan, and the cooperation between the two parties is very pleasant. This time, customers in Hebei ordered another batch of equipment. Leizhan provided technical training for the employees of the Hebei paper mill, so that they could master the skills as soon as possible, understand the structure of the pulping equipment, and put them into use in the paper mill.

Main Information Of The Pulping Equipment Project

Ordered equipment: inflow pressure screen 2.5
Delivery equipment: inflow pressure screen 2.5 and supporting accessories.
Delivery data: July, 23, 2023
Leizhan has a variety of paper machine production lines with the latest technology and the most advanced pulping equipment.If you are interested in our pulping equipment, welcome to contact us for more details.
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