Hunan Yangjia Paper Orders Inflow Pressure Screen

The main content of this cooperation is that Yangjia Paper will introduce inflow pressure screens for pulping equipment produced by Leizhan to improve the efficiency and quality of its pulping production lines.

Advantages Of Inflow Pressure Screen

  1. The inflow pressure screen adopts advanced screening technology, which can efficiently separate fibers and impurities, improve the utilization rate of waste paper pulp, and reduce production costs.
  2. The inflow pressure screen has a precise adjustment function and can adjust parameters according to different production needs to ensure stable operation of the production process and stable product quality.
  3. The inflow pressure screen has a simple structure, is easy to operate, is easy to maintain and clean, reduces production downtime and improves production efficiency.

Leizhan will wholeheartedly provide Yangjia Paper with high-quality inflow pressure screen equipment and complete after-sales services, and jointly promote the development and improvement of its pulping production lines.

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