Jiangxi Xiajiang Jinyuan Paper Household Paper Project

Xiajiang Jinyuan Paper, a well-known local paper company, needed new pulping line equipment to produce high-quality household paper. Leizhan Technology Department has designed solutions and supporting equipment for customers.

Shipping Details

1.Delivery site: Jiangxi Xiajiang Jinyuan Paper Co., Ltd.
2.Delivery date: July, 21, 2022
3.Ordered equipment: drum screen, pressure screen, pulper, chain conveyor machine, refiner, reject separator, agitator.
4.Delivered equipment: chain conveyor machine, pressure screen, refiner, reject separator, agitator and supporting accessories.

Leizhan has rich experience in the production of paper and pulping machinery, and conducts business both at home and abroad. Feel free to contact us if you need any assistance.
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