Paper Pulping Equipment For Qinyang Paper Mill

Leizhan once again demonstrated its outstanding strength in the field of paper making machinery and successfully signed a contract with Qinyang Xinghua Paper Mill to provide it with a series of efficient and advanced pulping equipment.

Information Of Paper Pulping Equipment For Qinyang Paper Mill

Raw material: waste paper
Application: paper pulping line
Ordered machine: chain conveyor, D-type hydrapulper, hydrapurger, drum pulper, ragger, rope cutter, grapple, energy-saving pressure screen, reject separator, mid consistency pressure screen, inflow pressure screen.
Shipped date: November 17, 2023
Shipped equipment:chain conveyor, sediment well and supporting accessories.

Leizhan will continue to be committed to providing customers with high-quality, high-efficiency pulping equipment to help paper industry customers achieve production upgrades. Email

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