Vietnam Stock Preparation Line Usage Site

Leizhan successfully delivered a high-efficiency complete toilet paper pulping line to a paper mill in Vietnam. This toilet paper pulping line uses the most advanced technology and equipment to increase production capacity, achieve energy conservation and emission reduction, and improve product quality.

Vietnam Stock Preparation Line Information

Bale open conveyor: Suitable for loading wood pulp bales or paddle boards, and cutting and drawing wire conveyor platforms.
Middle consistency hydrapulper: Mainly used for crushing pulp board, broken paper and waste paper under high concentration.
Doule disc refiner: High efficiency continuous beating equipment, it can be unit set use or use more one in series connection and parallel connection.
Inflow pressure screen: It is mainly used for fine screening of wood pulp, various types of straw pulp and waste paper pulp. It is the screen equipment in front of the paper machine.
Vibrating screen: Low energy consumption tail slurry treatment equipment.

As a professional supplier of pulp and paper making equipment, Leizhan has always been committed to providing customers with the best solutions and equipment. If you want to build a high-efficiency toilet paper pulping line for your paper mill, please feel free to contact us for details.

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