20T/D Tissue Paper Production Stock Preparation Line

Leizhan provided a paper mill with a 20tpd tissue paper production stock preparation line, including a complete set of equipment from raw materials to paper machine headbox. Tell us the raw materials you use, the required output, width and gsm, we will provide more professional services.

Tissue Paper Production Stock Preparation Line

“Chain conveyor”-“High Density Hydrapulper”-“Pulp Pump”-“Pulp Chest/Agitator”-“Pulp Pump”-“High Density Cleaner”-“Fiber Separator”-“Vibrating Screen”-“Pulp Chest/Agitator”-“Pulp Pump”-“Low Density Cleaner”-“M.C. Pressure Screen”-“High Speed Washer”-“White Water Chest/Agitator”-“White Water Pump”-“Washing Chest/Agitator”-“Pulp Washer”-“Pulp Pump”-“Double Disc Refiner”-“Pulp Chest/Agitator”-“Pulp Pump”-“Pulp Chest/Agitator”-“Pulp Pump”-Pulp Chest/Agitator-“Pulp Pump”

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