1930mm Crescent Former Tissue Paper Machine

Due to its wide range of uses, there is a great demand for toilet paper. Therefore, it is worth considering a path in the tissue production line. The toilet paper machine provided by Leizhan Company is used to produce toilet paper with a capacity of 25t/d, with good quality and low machine consumption. If you plan to start a pulp and paper project, then our paper machine will be a better choice.

1930mm Crescent Former Tissue Paper Pulp Making Main Equipment

Raw Material: 100%Commodity wood pulp
Vertical Hydrapulper: Used for breaking pulp board, damage paper, waste paper and etc.
High Density Cleaner: Mainly applied to remove all kinds of heavy imputities in paper pulp, like stones, glasses, etc.
Fiber Deflaker: Mainly apply for pulping, which can be used with double disc refiner in series.
Double Disc Refiner: Used for beating and improving the beating degree of pulp to satisfy the paper making demand.

1930mm Crescent Former Tissue Paper Machine Main Parameter

Paper Grade: Wrinkles Tissue, Base Paper, Napkin Base Paper
Raw Material: Hard (sofe) virgin pulp, shavings bamboo pulp, wheat straw pulp de-inking pulp etc.
Paper Grade: Tissue paper
Trimmed Width: 1930mm
Basis Weight:13-25g/m²
Operating Speed: 800m/min
Production Capacity: 25tpd
Tranmission Way: Ac frequency conversion speed regulation partial drive

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