10-14TPD Tissue Paper Making Machine


Tissue paper is widely used in daily life, so tissue paper machine is increased needed in paper industry. 10-14tpd tissue paper machine is professionally designed for high quality tissue paper making.

10-14TPD Tissue Paper Machine

Paper Type: Tissue Paper, Napkin Paper

Paper Width: 3200-3600mm

Basic Weight: 16-30g/m2

Capacity: 10-14tpd

Working Speed: 180-220m/min

Design Speed: 250m/min

Gauge: 4600mm

Drive Form: AC variable frequency sectional drive control

Tissue Paper Pulping

Paper Pulping — Pulp Cleaning — Pulp Cleaning — Pulp Refining

Leizhan as a professional manaufacturer of paper machine and pulp equipment, can supply the complete paper making process equipment(paper pulping equipment and paper making machine), all with high quality but low cost.

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