Tissue Paper Making Machine For Paper Mill

The Tissue Paper Making Machine uses virgin pulp or waste paper to make new paper.It can produce household paper, toilet paper, napkins, etc.This depends on your needs.Our company can provide complete equipment for producting Tissue Paper.The Tissue Paper Making Machine has great performance, stable running. It can also help you save energy and reduce maintenance so as to bring you better profits.

Tissue Paper Making Machine Information

1. Raw material: wood pulp, virgin pulp, white shavings
2. Trimmed width: 1575 – 3600mm
3. Production capacity: 5 – 50t/d
4. Basis weight: 13 – 40g/m²
5. Working speed: 180 – 800m/min

Tissue Paper plays an important role in our daily life, and more and more customers invest to build Tissue Paper making project. If you want to know more about Tissue Paper Making Machine.Please feel free to email or message me. Email: paperproductmachine@gmail.com

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