2800mm Coating Board Paper Machine

Coated board paper is a processed paperboard made by coating the original paperboard with a coating. The 2800mm Coating Board Paper Machine produced by Leizhan has the characteristics of good quality, favorable price, high efficiency and easy operation. In addition, Leizhan can provide paper mills with a complete set of machines required for a coated board paper production line.

2800mm Coating Board Paper Machine Specification

Raw material: white shavings, America waste paper
Paper Width: 2880mm
Production Capacity: 8.5k tons/ year
Basis weight: 250-450g/m²
Paper machine design product: 350g/m²
Working speed: 200m/min

Leizhan provides paper mills with various types of paper machines and pulping equipment at favorable prices. We can recommend suitable products for you according to your needs, you are welcome to consult us.
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