Dryer Section In Paper Machine


Paper machine dryer section is an important part of paper machine, so what needs to be paid attention to paper machine dryer section installation?

Paper Machine Dryer Part Installation

1. Generally paper machine dryer section dryer cylinder are divided into several groups, each droup dryer cylinder has a set of drive, the speed of each group is different, has its order, according to the design drawings and manufacturer’s manual number to find out its grouping, installate strictly according the instructions standard.

2. The same group dryer cylinder of paper machine dryer section speed is same, but the dryer line speed changes is required to adapt to paper shrinkage, only to change the dryer cylinder diameter. The same group dryer cylinder maximum diameter and minimum diameter difference shouldn’t more than 0.3-0.5mm. Usually in the inspection to measure the surface and the length of the circumference to determine the order of arrangement, that is, within each dryer cylinder in descending order of arrangement, so before installation, must figure out the group number, and check each group dryer cylinder order numbers, and then move into according to the number.

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