Drum Pulper Waste Paper Pulper Machine

Drum Pulper mainly used for removing light and heavy impurities of waste paper pulp in the process of waste paper pulp. Drum Pulper is divided into three parts including presoak area, high consistency pulping area, stainless steel screen area. Leizhan can also provide you with other pulping equipment like Chain Conveyor, Hydrapurger, D Type Hydrapulper, Mid Consisitency Pressure Screen, High Density Cleaner, Low Density Cleaner, Refiner, etc.

Drum Pulper Waste Paper Pulper Machine Details

Name: ZG2500 drum pulper
Weight: 20T
Material: Steel
Working consistency: 14%-18%
Production capacity: 70-1400T/D
Drum Dimeter: 2500-4250mm

The Drum Pulper is Leizhan Company best-selling pulping equipment, low damage to impurities, high efficiency of deslagging and low energy consumption. If you are interested in the Drum Pulper, contact us for more details and price.
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