2400mm Corrugated Paper Machine with Good Price

The 2400mm Corrugated Paper Machine is mainly used to produce high-strength corrugated paper. The 2400mm Corrugated Paper Machine produced by Leizhan has the advantages of favorable price, good quality, high efficiency and energy saving. Leizhan’s engineers can design the appropriate corrugated paper machine size according to the actual needs of your paper mill and help you choose the most suitable equipment.

2400mm Corrugated Paper Making Machine Specification

1.Raw material: waste paper
2.Paper Grade: high-strength corrugated paper
3.Trimmed width: 2400mm
4.Basis weight: 80-150g/m²
5.Design speed: 100m/min
6.Working speed: 40-80m/min
7.Crawling speed: 20m/min
8.Capacity: 15t/d

Leizhan’s 2400mm Corrugated Paper Machine is worth your choice. If you want to know more, please feel free to consult us, our dedicated staff are always waiting to serve you.

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