3400mm Fourdrinier Multi-Cylinder Paper Machine


3400mm fourdrinier multi-cylinder paper machine is for high strength corrugated paper, kraft paper making, the paper making process contains paper sheet forming, paper press, paper drying, sizing and paper rewinding.

3400mm Corrugated/ Kraft Paper Machine Design Process

Fourdrinier 14500mm — Two main press Φ900/ Φ850 — 12-φ1500 Dryer cylinder — Sizing machine —- 6 Group dryer cylinder φ1500 —- Horizontal rewinder

3400mm Corrugated/ Kraft Paper Machine Specification

Paper Type: Corrugated/ Kraft paper

Trimmed Width: 3500mm

Basic Weight: 90-110g/m²

Working Speed: 125-150m/min

Crawling Speed: 25m/min

Distance between sole-plates: 4500mm

Drive Type: AC motor frequency conversion speed subsection drive

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