Doctor Blade For Paper Machine


Doctor blade of paper machine mainly is to apply line pressure to the roll surface along the width direction to achieve the goal of cleaning roller surface. Different types doctor blade can play an different cleaning effect for different types roll surface.

Paper Machine Doctor Blade Types

Self-Weight Doctor Blade: Self-weight doctor blade is pressurized by itself weight of doctor frame, generally by hand-lift and close, some important parts can be line pressurized, lift knife by long distance of cylinder. Self-weight doctor blade can adjust the blade pressure by fine-tuning the bolt of doctor blade frame. Manual self-weight doctor blade is commonly used in paper machine dryer section, and pneumatic type doctor blade commonly used in tenison roller of wire section and press section.

Pneumatic Load Doctor Blade: Pneumatic load doctor blade is most widely used, used in the roller of paper machine parts. It uses the whole air bag to pressurized, so that the doctor blade more evenly fit on the roll surface, can more effectively clean roll surface, reduce broken ends, improve roller service life.

Air-Bag Double Doctor Blade: Double doctor blade can solve the problem of line pressure, material and angle, which can’t solved by single doctor blade, ensure cleaning of the roll surface running, reduce broken ends, and effectively protect roller surface. The double doctor blade is mainly used in vacuum couch roller and press roller.

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