Underfeed Rewinder In Paper Making Line

The rewinder can automatically decelerate, when the diameter of the unloaded paper roll is small to a certain value, it will automatically decelerate to ensure the safe operation of the system. The special design of the rewinder makes it easy to observe and operate during use.

About The Features Of Underfeed Rewinder

Paper type: Kraft paper, T paper, corrugated paper
Finished paper width: 4600mm
Basis weight: 80-220 g/㎡
Operating Speed:2200m/min
Design speed: 2200m/min
Maximum diameter of original paper roll:φ3000 mm (paper roller 540mm)
Maximum original paper roll width: φ4690 mm
Leizhan can provide rewinding as well as kraft paper machines, toilet paper machine, corrugated paper machine and pulping equipment. If you are interested in our equipment, welcome to contact us.
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