1m² Inflow Pressure Screen For India Customer

Leizhan paper machinery company received an order for 1m² Inflow Pressure Screen for corrugated paper making line from India in July, 2017. 1 m² Inflow Pressure Screen has advantages of high production capacity, good effect of homogenate, low rate fine fiber loss. As our old partner, Leizhan sells them this batch of 1 m² Inflow Pressure Screen at a favorable price and free shipping.

1m² Inflow Pressure Screen Parameter

Screen area: 1m²
Concentration of input pulp: 0.4% – 0.8%
Production capacity(Screen slot): 55tpd – 80tpd
Pressure of inflow pulp: 0.1 – 0.4 mpa
Motor Power: 22kw

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