2850mm Tissue Paper Machine

Tissue paper is one of the essential products in people’s daily life, and its demand is growing day by day. To meet market demand for tissue paper, paper mills require efficient production equipment. Leizhan’s 2850mm tissue paper machine can help paper mills improve production efficiency and meet market demand.

Technical Data Of 2850mm Tissue Paper Machine

  1. Paper type: tissue paper
  2. Maximum gross output of paper reel: 40 tons/day
  3. Paper making raw materials: reed pulp
  4. Paper reel basis weight: 13-32 gsm
  5. Paper width of paper reel: 2850 mm
  6. Slurry tapping degree: 25–35 0R
  7. Maximum working speed: 600 m/min

Leizhan can also provide you with complete tissue paper production line equipment. If you are interested in our tissue paper machine, please contact us for details and prices. Email address:paperproductmachine@gmail.com

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