5T/D Tissue Paper Machine

The production process of toilet paper is relatively simple, and the currently recommended minimum output is 5t/d. If the output is too small, the economic benefits are not large. Leizhan specializes in providing tissue machines with a capacity of 5-10 t/d for small tissue mills. Below are the detailed parameters of the paper machine.

Main Specifications 5T/D Tissue Paper Machine

1.Paper type: toilet paper, tissue paper, etc
2.Net paper width: 1575mm
3.Basis weight: 13-40g/m2
4.Design speed: 180m/min
5.Working speed: 120-170m/min
6.Production capacity: 5-10t/d
7.Gauge: 2400mm

If you need to build a small tissue paper mill, Leizhan can provide more advice on pulping lines and supporting tissue paper machines. Welcome to email us your specific output and raw materials, our professionals will contact you.
Email: paperproductmachine@gmail.com

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