Fine Screening Inflow Pressure Screen

The inflow pressure screen is used for the screening of the pulp in front of the paper machine. It plays the role of fine screening, and the pressure of the inflow pressure screen is stable and pulsed. The internal flow sieve has high screening effect, high output and low power consumption.

Main Specification Of Inflow Pressure Screen

1.Screen Area:0.6-12m2
2.Concentration of Input Pulp:0.4-0.8%
3.Capacity (Screen Hole):30-1400t/d
4.Capacity (Screen Slot):25-960t/d
5.Pressure of Inflow Pulp:0.1-0.4mpa
6.Motor Power:7.5-160kw

Leizhan provides complete pulping production lines and high-quality internal flow screens for headbox screen front screens. Provide 11 models for large, medium and small paper mills, covering an area from 0.6 square meters to 12 square meters. Welcome to contact us for more details and prices.

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