High Demand Napkin Paper Machine

The napkin paper machine is the most demanded type of paper in the paper industry. Napkin paper machine can produce tissue, kitchen, facial paper. Leizhan provides paper machine production lines and pulping lines for paper mills in various countries, and deigns solutions according to customers’ requirements for output, raw materials and finished paper.

Specifications Of Napkin Paper Machine

1.Trimmed Width: 1575-3600mm
2.Basis Weight: 13-40GSM
3.Operating Speed: 180-800m/min
4.Production Capacity: 5-50T/D
5.Paper Type: tissue, toilet, napkin, facial, napkin paper

As the quality of life improves, toilet paper such as napkins and kitchen paper are in increasing demand. If you need a toilet paper machine, please contact us.
Email: paperproductmachine@gmail.com

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