Paper Defects Caused By Felt

The felt plays an important role in the dewatering of the press section and the transfer of wet sheets. Do you know what are the paper defects caused by felt?

Paper Defects Caused By Felt

1. Shadow mark
The reason is that the felt is soft, and due to the vacuum effect on the vacuum press roller, the felt and paper sheets are sucked into the blind holes, resulting in continuous dot marks.

2. Felt mark
The proportion of the fiber layer on the felt sticker surface is small, or there is a problem with the weaving method of the base fabric, and the weft yarn is too thick, which causes the felt marks

3. Felt lick
The reason is that the felt is dirty, mainly in the second press area. Due to the large number of fine fibers and particles on the front of the wet paper sheet, the binding force is poor, and the dirty parts of the felt are easily adhered to the wet paper sheet.

4. Press doctor fuzz
The location is two pressure and three pressure. The reason is that the felt has poor resilience, low dehydration efficiency, and serious paper sheet rewetting, resulting in loose paper surface, and the combination of fibers and fibers, fibers and fine particles on the wet paper surface. The force is weak, and these fine particles are easy to adhere to the roller.

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