Paper Machine Flow System

The paper machine flow system needs to be equipped according to the customer’s requirements of production capacity, gsm, raw material and trimmed width, etc., which has a great effect on the paper production line.

Main Function Of The Paper Machine Flow System

1) The pulp and chemicals are uniformly mixed with white water in a flow system in various proportions.
2) Effectively remove impurities brought into the system by materials such as pulp, fillers, chemicals, etc., and improve the cleanliness of the pulp on the Internet.
3) Remove air from the system as efficiently as possible.
4) The pulp is well dispersed after passing through the system, and fiber bundles and flocs are removed.
5) Ensure the stability of the pulp concentration, flow rate and pressure entering the headbox and reduce the pulse effect caused by the performance of the equipment (pump, screen) as much as possible.

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