Toilet Paper Rinsing And Deinking Pulping Process

In the toilet paper making process, rinsing and deinking pulping is a key step in determining the quality of toilet paper. Leizhan provides toilet paper manufacturers with an efficient rinsing and deinking pulping process to ensure the complete removal of ink stains and impurities in waste paper and achieve high-quality and efficient toilet paper production.

Main Equipment Of Toilet Paper Rinsing And Deinking Pulping Process

H.C. Hydrapulper: Normal Volume:5m³, Consistency:10%-15%, Production Capacity:20-25t/d, Motor Power:110KW
Pulp Pump: Flow rate:180m³/h, Lifts:12m, Motor Power:15KW
Agitator: Chest Volume:30-40m³, Motor Power:5.5KW
High Density Cleaner: Throughput:800~1400L/min, Concentration Of Input Pulp:3~5%
Low Density Cleaner: Rate Passing Capacity Of Single Equipment:600L/min, Consistency=1.2%
M.C Pressure Screen: Screen Area:0.3-0.3㎡, Motor Power:22KW
High Speed Stock Washer: Width:1000mm, Motor Power:30KW
Double Disc Refiner: Consistency:3-5%, Motor Power: 37KW

Through Leizhan’s rinse and deinking pulping process, toilet paper manufacturers can significantly improve production efficiency and reduce waste paper processing time. If you also need toilet paper deinking pulping line, please feel free to contact us for price and details. Our

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