Waste Paper Pulp Treatment Inflow Pressure Screen

Leizhan has always been a leader in technological innovation of paper making machinery and is committed to providing advanced paper making equipment and solutions. The NLS series of inflow pressure screen are modern internationally renowned pulp screening equipment, providing excellent solutions for the fine screening of wood pulp, various straw pulp and waste paper pulp.

Main Features Of Inflow Pressure Screen

1. It has an advanced and sturdy structure to ensure that the equipment can operate stably under high pressure and ensures a long life of the equipment.
2. The equipment is easy to disassemble, making maintenance easier, while the low energy consumption design helps improve production efficiency.
3. The equipment is equipped with an automatic oiling device, which effectively reduces maintenance frequency and improves operation stability.
4. It is easy to operate and has fewer continuous working failures, which greatly reduces maintenance costs and makes production more economical and efficient.

Leizhan insists on providing customers with advanced pulping equipment. The NLS series of inflow pressure screen will provide excellent performance for your pulp processing. Welcome to cantact us for more detail. Email:paperproductmachine@gmail.com

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