Waste Paper Recycling Deinking Pulping Line

Waste paper is a precious resource, and through the waste paper deinking pulping line, we can effectively utilize these waste paper resources and convert them into high-quality paper products.

Main Equipment Of Waste Paper Recycling Deinking Pulping Line

High consistency hydrapulper: 10-15t/d,C=10~15%,90KW
Dump pulp pump: Q=50m3/h, H=30m, 7.5KW
High density cleaner: 1000L/min, C=3~5%
Vibrating screen: C=1~2%, 3KW
Pulp pump: Q=100m3/h H=32m, C=0.8-1.2%, 15KW
Mid consistency fine screen: F=0.15mm, 22KW
Flotation deinking machine: Q=80m3/h, C=0.8-1.2%
White water pump: Q=150m3/h, H=18m, 15KW

Our waste paper deinking and pulping line uses advanced filtration and washing systems to effectively remove impurities and contaminants, ensuring that the paper produced is flawless. Email:paperproductmachine@gmail.com

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