25T/D Toilet Paper Making Line Project

People’s daily life is inseparable from toilet paper. Tissue paper machine mainly uses wood pulp as raw material. After being pulped, screened and cleaned by hydraulic pulper, it enters the toilet paper production line. The toilet paper machine produces high-grade toilet paper, handtowel paper and tissue paper.

More Information About 25T Toilet Paper Project

Production type: high-grade toilet paper, handtowel paper,tissue paper
Trimmed width: 2850mm
Basis weight: 13–25g/㎡
Operating Speed:550-600m/min(Dryer cylinder line speed)
Design speed: 600m/min(Dryer cylinder line speed)
Production capacity: 25T/D
Leizhan can provide a complete tissue machine production line, if you want to know more information, please consult for more details.
Email address: paperproductmachine@gmail.com

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