75t/d Crescent Former Tissue Paper Machine Turnkey Project

Tissue lines are the lines we supply most often and we offer turnkey projects for the pulp line and paper machine sections.

75t/d Crescent Former Tissue Paper Machine

1.Paper Machine Form: Single Wire, Single Felt, Crescent Former Tissue Paper Machine
2.Dimensions of paper machine body (including walking platform and transmission foundation): Length x width x height: 23500 x 18000 x 7510
3.paper type: crepe paper
4.Maximum gross output of reeling machine: 76 t/d
5.Paper Raw Materials: wood pulp board

We have a wide range of projects and experience in the Middle East, Africa and South America. If you are interested in tissue paper production projects, please contact us to obtain the paper machine parameter list, and professionals will answer your questions.
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