High Speed Crescent Forming Tissue Paper Machine

High speed tissue paper machine is the most popular tissue paper production machine in recent years, we provide tissue pulping equipment and paper making equipment for paper mills.

Crescent Forming Tissue Machine

Forming principle:
The forming principle of the crescent former is similar to that of the gap former. The low-concentration stock suspension is sprayed from the headbox into the wedge-shaped dewatering forming zone between the felt wrapped on the forming roll and the forming wire. Then make arc motion along the forming roller. Due to the tension effect of the wire, the water in the wet paper sheet is separated from the forming wire surface and is thrown into the water receiving tray to be drained away. Finally the net blanket is separated. The wet paper sticks to the felt while the felt runs to the dryer cylinder. The entire forming area is arc-shaped, like a crescent, so it is called “crescent” or “C” shape.

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