Single Wire Single Felt Crescent Former Tissue Paper Machine

We provide single-wire single-felt crescent forming tissue machines with a daily capacity of up to 40t/d. The basic weight of creped paper that can be produced is 13-32g/m². We provide tissue paper pulp production equipment, paper machines, doctor blade, felts, drying cylinders and other accessories for paper mills.

Tissue Paper Machine Basic Data

1.Paper Machine Form:Single Wire, Single felt, Crescent Former Tissue Machine
2.Dimensions of paper machine body (including walking platform and transmission foundation):Length x width x height: 20000 x 15000 x 6000
3.paper type:crepe paper
4.Maximum gross output of reeling machine:40 tons/day
5.Paper Raw Materials:reed pulp
6.Yankee face paper width 2860mm
7.reeling machine paper width 2850 mm
8.Wrinkle rate:
13 g/m²( 20 – 25% wrinkle rate ) g/m²
32 g/m² ( 15 – 40% wrinkle rate ) g/m²
9.Maximum paper roll diameter 2200 mm

The raw material of this paper machine plan is reed pulp. If you need toilet paper production equipment, we can provide it.

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