2500MM Layer Wire Multi-Cylinder Paper Machine

The 2500mm layer wire multi-cylinder paper machine has efficient production capacity. The ingenious design of the multi-cylinder system ensures that cardboard is formed quickly and evenly, greatly improving paper production efficiency and allowing paper mills to easily meet market demand.

Technical Specification Of 2500MM Layer Wire Multi-Cylinder Paper Machine

Types of paper making: cardboard, corrugated paper
Basis weight: 100-250g/m²
Net paper width: 2500mm
Headbox lip width: 2800mm
Working speed: 150-280m/min
Gauge: 3600mm
Layout form: Single layer layout
Pulp ratio: surface layer 10% wood pulp, other two layers OCC
Paper web shrinkage: 4.5%
Banner basis weight difference: ±1.5%

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