Leizhan 3750mm Drum Pulper For Shanxi Packing Paper Industry, China


In February, 2018, Leizhan 3750mm drum pulper is delivered for Shanxi packing paepr industry, China. For large capacity packing paper making, the drum pulper equipment is quite Necessary.

Packing Paper Making Process

Firstly, the raw material is conveyed by chain conveyor into drum pulper equipment for pulping, then the pulp is go into high density cleaner equipment for cleaning, after that, the pulp will go into coarse and fine screen stage for screening, after screening, the pulp is conveyed into refiner equipment, then go into pressure screen pre-machine for screening, finally, the fine pulp is distributed to paper machine for paper making.

3750mm Drum Pulper For Paper Pulping

Type: ZG3750

Drum Diameter(mm): Φ3750

Production Capacity(t/d): 550-800

Working Consistency(%): 14-18

Motor Power(kw): 630-800

Customer Information

Customer: Shanxi Paper Industry

Time: February, 2018

Project:3750mm Drum Pulper For Packing Paper Making

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