3600mm Fluting Paper Machine

Fluting paper is a commonly used carton packaging material. Lighter than wooden box, high hardness, easy to cut. Our company provides 60-80tpd corrugated paper machine, which can produce different grades of high-strength corrugated paper. High quality, high efficiency, less maintenance and perfect after-sales service.

3600mm Fluting Paper Pulp Making

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3600mm Fluting Paper Machine Main Datas

Raw Material: Rice straw, wheat straw, wood, waste paper, etc
Paper Grade: Kraft paper, Corrugated paper
Trimmed Width: 3600mm
Basis Weight: 90-110g/m²
Operating Speed: 100-130m/min
Production Capacity: 60-80tpd
Sizing way: Headbox
Matched felt: Normal Chemical fiber woven felt
Forming wire type: Copper wound-rotor
Structural layout: Monolayer
Transimission Way: AC variable frequency, section drive

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