2100mm Cultural Paper Machine

Cultural paper is one of the types of paper commonly used in people’s daily life, and the market demand is large. Leizhan’s 2100mm Cultural Paper Machine can help paper mills produce high-quality cultural paper. In addition, as a professional manufacturer, Leizhan can provide complete papermaking equipment for paper mills.

2100mm Cultural Paper Machine Specifications

Paper type: Printing paper
Paper width: 2100mm
Base weight: 80g/m²
Frame distance: 4000mm
Capacity: 30t/d
Working speed:160m/min
Design speed: 200m/min
Driving type: AC Variable Frequency Section Drive

In addition to the 2100mm Cultural Paper Machine, Leizhan also provides paper mills with other paper machines and pulping equipment at favorable prices. You are welcome to consult us at any time.
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