How To Solve Paper Curling?


The main reason for paper curling in the papermaking process is that the paper sheet itself has two sides, and the drying conditions are improperly grasped, the drying curve is unreasonable, the drying rates on both sides are inconsistent, and the shrinkage on both sides is unbalanced. Therefore, raw materials, papermaking processes, and environmental conditions can be adjusted for paper curling.

Paper Curling Solution

Raw material: Adjust pulp ratio, and appropriately reduce the degree of pulping.

Paper sheet forming: During the forming process, the internal structure of the paper sheet must be adjusted, especially the structure and composition of both sides, so that they can tend to approach each other to reduce paper curling tendency.

Pressing: Using a gradual increase in pressure to ease dehydration, a more uniform Z-sheet structure can be obtained.

Drying: The drying process is an important external factor that determines the degree of crimping. Adjusting reasonable process conditions can reduce the degree of paper curling.

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