1092mm Fourdrinier Culture Paper Making Machine

Main Structure of 1092mm Fourdrinier Culture Paper Making Machine: Fourdrinier Wire & Mould Machine, Shoe Press, Dryer Cylinder, Vacuum Pump&Vacuum System, Sizing Machine, Coating Machine, Roll Press, Paper Winder, Finished Product Package Delivery System, Paper Cutter, Lubricating System & Hydraulic System & Air Compressor System, Steam and Condensate System, Cooling Tower.
Calender barring: By heating roller under certain pressure to squeeze pages, making the sheet thickness uniform, so that to improve sheet smoothness glossiness.
Paper Winder: The end process of paper making section , making continuous paper rolling into a single finished product big paper roll, in order to transfer to the finished product processing.
Paper Cutter: Cut the paper into different specifications sheet.

1092mm Fourdrinier Culture Paper Making Machine Information

1. Raw material: waste paper, virgin pulp
2. Output paper: a4 paper, culture paper, etc
3. Paper weight: 40-80gsm
4. Width of paper: 1092mm
5. Capacity: 20-50T/D
6. Work speed: 200m/min
7. Gauge: 1900mm

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