Paper Making Felt Cleaning


In paper making process, some fine fibers, fillers and other substances easily stick to paper machine felt, clogging felt holes, so how to clean paper machine felt?

Paper Machine Felt Cleaning Tips

1. Water needle spray cleaning: Water pressure at 1.47~2.45×106 Pa, it has the advantage of less water, the role of the mandatory impact of water needles can decrease chemical cleaning agent. The disadvantage is the greater damage to felt.

2. Intermittent chemical cleaning on the machine: Intermittent cleaning can use detergent, hydrochloric acid or lye, prepare them into appropriate concentration,can be moved to the full felt, within a specified time using chemical concentrate, wash the remained chemicals in paper machine felt with water. Acid cleaning, the concentration can’t more than 5% of the dilute acid, or will affect water filtration.

3. Continuous cleaning on the machine: Can achieve the highest paper making efficiency, continuous cleaning on the machine is the best way. It is trying to remove the dirt before it fouls the felt or just as it penetrates the felt. Continuous cleaning is more expensive but have the advantage of extending the felt service life and often keeping the felt in its best condition, helping to reduce consumption, reduce breakage losses and improve paper quality.

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