Efficient Bale Breaker

The Bale Breaker is mainly used for the breaking and selecting of waste paper bales. The Bale Breaker produced by Leizhan has the advantages of reducing the burden of subsequent equipment, improving the quality of pulp, and helping paper mills save production costs, which is worthy of choice by paper mills.

Features of Efficiency Bale Breaker

1. The Bale Breaker removes light and heavy impurities in the dry condition.
2.The Bale Breaker greatly reduces the wear of subsequent equipment such as pulper, cleaner, pulp pump, pipe, pressure screen, and refiner, and plays a role in protecting the subsequent equipment.
3. The Bale Breaker can disperse the densely packed waste paper into flakes, which reduces the amount of forklift trucks and improves the efficiency of subsequent equipment.

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