High Density Cleaner at a Favorable Price

The High Density Cleaner is the equipment behind the Hydrapulper in the pulping line. Its working principle is to use centrifugal force to separate fibers and impurities in the slurry, and remove impurities that are different from the fiber’s specific gravity and buoyancy. Leizhan’s High Density Cleaner has been installed and used in many paper mills, and it is worthy of choice for paper mills.

Features of High Density Cleaner

1. The High Density Cleaner has a double-cone structure, which has a strong ability to separate heavy slag;
2. The High Density Cleaner is equipped with wear-resistant ceramic cone, which has long service life;
3. The main body of the High Density Cleaner is assembled in sections, which is convenient for maintenance;
4. The High Density Cleaner is equipped with PLC control cabinet, which is convenient to control and can effectively help the impurities to be fully discharged.

Leizhan provides High Density Cleaners and other paper machines and pulping equipment for paper mills at preferential prices. If you are interested in our equipment, you are welcome to consult us at any time.
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