Coating Board Paper Machine

Coating board paper machine use waste paper, virgin pulp as material to make high quality Coating board paper, finished product can be made coating board paper roll.

Working Principle

The process of paper making line contains: Forming, Pressing, Drying, Calendering, Rewinding.
Forming: After the paper pulp come into the headbox, it can spreads along the fine pulp evenly on the felts, which spread along the top and bottom of rollers.
Pressing: By pressing felts, it can squeeze out as much water as possible.
Drying: dryers section is arranged in group to ensure it can be operate at a gradually slower speed to compensate for paper shrinkage as the paper dries. It will discharge the water content down to a level of about 6%.
Calender: Calendering can help to make the surface of the paper more sooth and glossy. What’s more, It also can ensure consistent thickness of paper. The pressure given by the rollers applied to the web influences the finish of the paper.
Rewinding: To make it easier for shipping and conveying, we use rewinder to shape it into rolls and use slitter to cut the product into multiple strips to meet customers’ requirements.

Technical Data Of Coating Board Paper Machine:

Paper Grade Coating Board Paper
Trimmed Width(mm) 2400-6600
Basic Weight Range(GSM) 200-350
Operating Speed(m/min) 200-600
Production Capacity(TPD) 200-1400



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