Rope Cutter

Leizhan manufacture customize rope cutter for cutting off the rope from ragger.


1. Longer moving route of cutter can avoid rope getting stuck.
2. Double hydraulic cylinders makes it has a strong cutting ability.

Working Principle

Wire rope cutter is used together with hydrapulper and wire stranding machine, making the impurities of the waste papers (e.g. iron wires, string, plastic, cotton yarn, etc.) constantly rotating and winding in the running process of the hydrapulper to form a rope, then pulled it out continuously, finally the ropes pulled out from this equipment are cut and carried away in an ideal length.

Technical Data Of Rope Cutter

Type QSJ-2
Working Pressure(mpa) 25
Hydraulic Cylinder Forced(t) 2×50
Pump Station Motor Power(kw) 11
Oil Tank Volume(L) 100


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